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Appreciation post for Do Kyungsoo- The Eye in the Storm


In the midst of Luhan’s issue, I came across a post stating how hectic their schedule was that probably spun his decision. 

And it moved me to reflect on how Kyungsoo went through the same hellish schedule, but he didn’t have a choice like Lu to get out of it. 


was a test of stamina for Exo. 

And if I were a teacher, I’ll give Kyungsoo 100/100. 


Let’s go in chronological order:

January- April:

We saw how he was limping in Exo’s showtime ep 6 due to his injury at Mama awards show in Nov. He sprained his ankle right at the very beginning, but trooped through the entire 10 mins performance without faltering. 

It was also in Jan he started filming for his movie “Cart”. 

During one of Ivy Club’s shooting, we spotted a huge-ass bruise on his left arm. Filming went well into the middle of the night amidst his other schedules.

He got casted in the drama “It’s okay, it’s love” in March, during which Exo had various commercials filming like Kolon Sports, Sunny10, Lotte Duty free, Crunky etc… 

April was their comeback, so you have to bear in mind he was probably also practising for their new choreo the past few months. After their first Japan fanmeeting, they released Overdose and this was where the crazy began.

May onwards: 

- Kyungsoo started filming for IOIL on May 1st.

- They had a stunted comebck cos of Sewol’s ferry tragedy. 

- Kris’s incident came a week before Exo’s first solo concert in Seoul. To make up for the missing person, they changed the formations/recordings. Quoting Yixing, "For the entire week, we practiced from 9AM-6AM the next day. Everyday. The K members didn’t even have time to rest, they were sent to the broadcast stations thereafter to promote the song.

- K members had promotions every week until their first solo concert end May. Three days of adrenaline-worry filled concert, and Kyungsoo didn’t even get to celebrate with his members cos he had to go and film his drama.


- They also wrapped up the last episode of XOXO (only K members were involved). 

- June: TLP in HK, Overdose promotions, Dream concert, Happy Camp (Kyungsoo flew alone without the members cos of his drama filming), TLP in Wuhan etc… 

Baekyeon’s dating news, TLP in Chongqing (where it was raining

- July: HK Dome Festival (only K members), TLP in Chengdu, Nature republic commercial filming, TLP in Taipei, Samsung olympic games launch in Nanjing etc…

- Kyungsoo’s solo activities: Cart promotional poster filming, IOIL promotional poster filming, IOIL Press conference in Seoul, IOIL press conference in China.

I guessed that’s when it’s starting to bc overwhelming for him cos he made a dance mistake during Taipei’s TLP

July 23: IOIL drama TV debut

- MCD 10th anniversary (only K members), TLP in Changsha, and seeing that Kyungsoo’s performance in his drama was doing better than expected, we suddenly saw him alone at a movie preview screening & some Kor-Jap Students committee ceremony with Chen:


- August: Filming for Exo 90:2014, TLP in Xian, Aima photoshoot/filming, Aima fanmeeting, Ultimate grp recording, MCM photoshoot, Exo 90:2014 press con, SMT IV in Seoul (had 3 collab stages with FX, FTTS, Taemin etc), Nanjing samsung mobile exhibition (with Suho only), TLP in Singapore, TLP in Guangzhou, Lotte Duty free concert (it was raining & here’s baby bowing…)

- Kyungsoo’s solo activities: IOIL filming, Cart movie dubbing, Cart entering BIFF, he flew to Singapore alone again for TLP & FLEW BCK ON THE SAME DAY FOR DRAMA FILMING, he also flew alone to Guangzhou for TLP and this was prob e first time we saw him with a mask and I dunno how he did it but he obviously started working out cos we saw his pecs.image

- September: Hunan Festival recording, TLP in Jakarta (if I’m not wrong, Kyungsoo also flew back on the same day for this TLP. It’s either BKK or Jakarta), TLP in BKK (He took over Luhan’s parts as he’s sick which meant that he didn’t get any rest time between verses), Incheon Asian Games ceremony, Kolon Sport fansigning, TLP in Beijing, Hallyu Dream concert.

- Kyungsoo’s solo activities: The Celebrity photoshoot (perfume), Cart press con

By this time, the positive feedback to Kyungsoo’s acting was EXPLOSIVE. An interesting thing to note was he was never intended to venture into acting. As stated in interviews, he wasn’t officially trained.

You probably already noticed that SM didn’t promote “Cart” & “IOIL” on their sns. That’s cos Kyungsoo was externally casted by Myungfilms and IOIL’s drama team, to which SM had no hand in funding. Unlike “Back to 20” & “Jangsoo store”, both which were SM productions. 

And this is where you have to give it to Kyungsoo:

1. Have you ever acted? Or cried? imageLike towards the end of IOIL, Kyungsoo had all these crying scenes and I tell you, this shit is emotionally draining okayyyy~~~

And we all know how Kyungsoo isn’t a crier & it would probably take more effort on his part to let flow those emotions. 

So for him to wring out all these feelings and then going back and forth between full fledged concerts was well, A MIRACLE. 

2. All his hard work obviously paid off cos ALL THOSE PRAISES. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said “I’m so proud of you” like there’s a very apt description in Weibo I read like “my chest is puffing out so much with pride that I’m turning from an A to a D cup” LMAO~

He had unintentionally raised the profile of Exo/SM in a positive light. Due to his pure talent and hard work. Amongst the chaos, the only thing that we ever received from Kyungsoo was good news after good news. The heaps of praise for his acting from people who initially shunned idol actors, being mentioned in “War of Words” for his good acting, Cart getting into TIFF, an OST in line…

Not to mention how he’s eternally cooed over by the elders, being polite and well-mannered, hard-working and humble. 

3. You’ve also gone through the entire list above and seen how maiming his schedule was- shuttling to & fro between ctries in a single day. But NOT ONCE, had we Kyungsoo stans heard that he’s sick. Rumors, yes, but never had we seen him with a dribbling nose/cough or anything like that. He’s like what he claimed, a “Steel Pig”.

What’s amazing was he bulldozed through these killer schedules, got a teeny-weeny 2 days off for Chuseok and came out shiny & new for the last TLP. 


He doesn’t look like it (considering how he’s always beaten up in dramas ‘cos he has this ‘weak’ image lol), but our little munchkin is tough as a nail inside. 

However, he’s still a human. Unlike Luhan, he doesn’t have the luxury of leaving easily ‘cos in Korea, SM’s influence is massive (juz look at JYJ).

And for this, if I’m a teacher, I’m giving Kyungsoo a pass with flying colours for his unadulterated Endurance & Stamina.

Truly, he’s the Eye in the Storm.

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